People wait breathlessly for 30th of every month… you know, right? Yes, time to fill the pockets again. Salary Time! This is the happiest day for you, me and everyone with lots of plans on list. Especially the entrepreneurs must never fail to notice administration department employee’s struggle to generate happiness ‘the salary’. Keeping updated employee details, Managing Leaves and Holidays, calculating the attendance and paydays many such tasks come issues they’ve as a part of everyday work. Final outcome is our pay slip.

Time to end the struggle and Simplify now!

Manage all the salary process and attendance tracking in payroll software that super simplifies most of the admin and HR tasks.

 Marvelsoft provides complete ERP Payroll software where generating salary based on the attendance is on fingers and draw the report when needed. Payroll software’s are designed to make all the necessary calculations based on minimal input from the subscriber. This means that it will not only save you a considerable amount of time, but also reduce your total administrative costs and drastically reduce the likelihood of errors.

Let’s understand what our Payroll software offers, which really makes admin person hectic work, effortless in no time. Payroll software is necessary in order to ensure that the company’s employees are paid accurately and on time.

You can easily manage employee details, do Biometric Integration, Generate Salary based on Attendance, Create Pay slips, Assign and track Holidays and Leave, Draw 20+ report and many more…

If matter of happiness and simplification is on one side, it’s equally important to adapt advanced techniques and project excellence in everything that we do.

Automatic Back-up and multiple user login are stunning features in PayrollAdmin ensuring data safety.

Our team is always ready to simplify your team work in all possible ways. Begin from importing the employee data to defining your organization salary.

Our dedicated support team works on resolving customer query and train them best to handle the software and functionality.

Take a demo by contact MarvelSoft – for your payroll product and give your organization a productive turn.