About Us

Administration Simplified. Excellence Delivered.

Company Overview

Our journey started in the year 2009. We were a custom software development and web designing company. We developed our flagship product SchoolAdmin -Administration ERP Software, which  helps Schools, Colleges and Educational institutions to automate their administrative activities.

Today, we are privileged to connect with thousands of B2B customers in Educational domain. We also serve customers in Retail billing and Invoicing, Attendance and Payroll management.

We have enhanced our customer’s experience and simplified their processes. And consistently meet their demands, given changing business and technology trends.

We have defined our ambitious goals for 2030, which will guide our course in reaching 1 Million customers.

Company Strategy

Simplicity is the Way of Life.

To be a leader in office administration by providing MarvelSoft ERP solutions.

Our Vision is to Computerize Business Administration and Simplify Life.

Mission statement
Our Mission is to Drive Business Success by Simplifying Administration. And to build long term relationships with our customers and provide exceptional customer services by pursuing business through product innovation and technology trends.

Core values

  • Pursue Growth and Learning.
  • Enhance employee and customer experience.
  • We grow through creativity, continuous product innovation.
  • We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.
  • We are committed to our communities and we strongly support go green initiative.


  • Regional expansion in the field of administration and management and develop a strong base of key customers.
  • Increase the assets and investments of the company to support the development of products and services.
  • To build good reputation in the field of office administration and management and to become a key player in the industry.
  • Profitability is essential to realize our vision.

Our Story

Website Designing, Engineering & M.Tech Projects, SchoolAdmin Product – 100+ clients

We started our journey as a Website design and Engineering & M.tech project development company.  Initially more focus was on website and custom application development. At some point down the line, we re-looked at our journey and said we would get into product development where we can continuously build, deliver and innovate and work on real business problems.

Base on our initial research and surveys, we decided we will build School Management Application. SchoolAdmin is our flagship product, we build it with the latest technologies and tools available to us in Java. We started with few of the core modules such as admission, fees, staff and reports. By the end of 2011, we had very good customer base. SchoolAdmin is build on real customer inputs and needs.

More Features, Different Product Categories, Sales across India

As many customers were coming aboard, we had many challenges in terms of adding relevant modules and features based on region,education board, different functional units in schools and colleges. We made the software feature rich and stable. One of the nice feature we built was the customizable reports. customers can  modify the reports without any programming knowledge.

We created different product categories based on features and pricing. We wanted all the schools in india must use ERP application to manage their school, regardless of whether they are startup,small,big or group of institution. We made our product packages such a way that we can give them exactly what they need and at their budget.  It was a nice move. we added many more customers.

Partners, Global Sales, System Integration, New Products launch

As our sales and marketing teams were doing good, we also started having marketing partners in various states and outside india, which gave us a local presence with the help of them. And the customers were more comfortable. We also started working on cloud based solution for premium clients.  As we integrated Biometric and SMS, Email services, we started providing these services to our clients and others.

As SchoolAdmin framework is very stable and matured, we created few other products which would solve customer problems in Administration in other domains such as Attendance and Payroll – Salary processing. Management of Vocation Training centers (VTP’s), Library Management, Retail Billing and Jewellery Management.  These directions which we took as a growth path helped us bring more and customers. we had a very strong technical and support team.

Community Edition, Enhancements in New Products, Marketing

We use open source tools and technologies to build our products and services. As we were inspired, we took a decision to give away over product for free for testing and to make purchase decisions. If the school / college is small or a startup they  can start using our community edition for free. they can download it from the internet.

We added many features in our Payroll, Jewellery and Billing software’s, so that we can meet the customer requirements and to be competitive in the market. As in these product lines also we were adding customers. Our marketing and sales team’s have done a real good marketing in getting more customers with highest level of integrity and commitment to the customers.

Relevance, Future, Competition and Technology Trends

We keep improving the products. We anticipate future changes in the domain, make necessary updates on regular basis. So that product is relevant and it meets customers needs. We add new features and integrations by looking at the technology trends.

We have  few features and enhancements lined up in the coming days where we are working on Data Visualization, ML integration, IOT, SITS, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Webinar integration and  video conferencing. Our solution will provide one single point of contact for all the integrations without the need for replicating the same information in multiple systems. We will let you know as we make progress. We are thankful for all our customers and partners and vendors for their continued support.  If you are visiting for the first time to our site, please contact us, we will  be more than happy to help you..,