SchoolAdmin, the school management software from MarvelSoft, is a powerful tool that helps schools to
manage their day-to-day operations. Recently, MarvelSoft has added a new curriculum module to
SchoolAdmin, which allows school administrators to set the curriculum schedule for teachers, plan the
subjects and topics that will be taught in the classroom, and track and monitor the progress of the
teachers and students.

The curriculum module in SchoolAdmin is a game-changer for schools. It allows administrators to plan
the curriculum for the entire school year in advance, ensuring that all subjects and topics are covered in a timely manner. This helps to keep the teaching and learning process on track and ensures that students
are exposed to a comprehensive curriculum.

The curriculum module also allows administrators to monitor the progress of teachers and students.
Administrators can measure the results of the teaching and learning process, see which teachers are
regular and which are not, and manage their time effectively. This helps administrators to identify areas
of strength and weakness and to make informed decisions about the curriculum and the teaching process.

The curriculum module in SchoolAdmin is also beneficial from a management perspective. It helps schools to demonstrate to parents, students, and other stakeholders that they are providing a comprehensive and
well-rounded education. By offering a curriculum module, MarvelSoft is showing that it is committed to
providing schools with the tools they need to succeed.

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