Isn’t it cool to try out something that’s free?! Imagine when it’s free and filled with rich features. Yeah!! I’m going to tell you about one such school management software that’s free and filled with whole lot of features.

MarvelSoft released a community edition of their school management software that’s packed with lots and lots of features and guess what? They made it free for life time!

It is so much important to analyze the needs of our organization. But when we’re new to managing our institution using software it’s a no game. We’ve to know the available features and flexibility in the software and have a grip on it even before we invest.

Considering the customers comfort in purchase and in a view to make the school administration software available to even the smallest school on the planet we released a FREE edition and can be downloaded and used by any school around the world.

It’s quite natural that anything for free have its own limits. We never compromise with the features and quality of the product since it’s free. We provide all the features that can be used forever and manage up-to 200 students. That’s a descent count to try the software.

MarvelSoft is proud to introduce your best friend for life in management ‘Community Edition’, yeah only if you give it a try!

Administration of schools made easier than ever! School Admin simply allows you to maintain huge data of students all in one place. Right from the personal details to the info till the student complete their education. How easy and productive it is to maintain all in one place, isn’t it?

Let me list few of the important features in simple words.

  • Save every possible details of the student.
  • Collect fees and dues.
  • Manage Income and Expenses.
  • Mark student attendance.
  • Track student performance.
  • Generate Student Report Cards
  • Send SMS on fee, academics and attendance individually or in bulk.
  • Maintain uniform and stationary stocks.
  • Manage School Transport.
  • Create Events and activity.
  • Allows Library Management.
  • Promote Students.
  • Issue Transfer Certificates, Bonafide and Study certificates and many more.

If these are the few features for students, community edition also allows you to manage staff details, configure simple salary for staffs, generate salary report; job left certificate, salary report.

Some of the other features & reports include Student Reports, Id Card Report, Attendance Reports, Hall tickets, Parents Portal, Biometric Integration and many more.

One of the beautiful thing is we never let you forget to wish your gem like students on their birthdays. Straight away drop a message to the birthday kids from dashboard.

Not just the features we provide also experience beautiful display. We’ve provided themes which you can choose from based on your taste and interest.

Create multiple logins for different users and provide them the right roles and responsibilities.With all these features provided for free and if you find lot more features after downloading the software. Don’t be surprised!

It’s really a worth trying the software, even if you’re already using any because it’s free.