Library is a place from where genius brains evolve. With lots of books around and piles of books on their table amazing scientist to greatest social activists changed the world.

It all began with Library? Yes.

“One has to find the route to the Library”

Every School and College has a library. But how do we manage the temple of knowledge is more important.

How does the Library at your school or college managed? How do you track the stocks? How do you track the issued and return books?

We all know, Library is for books but maintaining whole lot of books information in just another book doesn’t seem to be a good idea. Isn’t? 

With the idea of managing the books and its details, stocks and availability, issue and return details, issue and due dates in the software we’ve built Library Admin.

If above mentioned are few of the major things to be maintained as a part of Library Management. Others include storing student details, generating various reports on books issued, books on due and stocks of book.

LibraryAdmin will let you store every single detail of the book; right from the book name to its every detail like vendor, published Year, Edition, Location, Book category, Reference number, accession number and so on.

While software helps you in managing the library administration smoothly, we make it easier to generate barcode labels also from the LibraryAdmin. Also RFID integration can be done, so just in scan of the RFID card you will be able to find the student details, book issued details and return details.

When LibraryAdmin can perform maintaining the software smoothly and easily. Why manage every detail in a note book and turn pages each time to track the availability status of the book manually?

Choose LibraryAdmin to manage your Library and make your Library Management more systematic.