How do you manage your student data at school? Still old age stone era techniques? Nope! Imagine how would be your school Alumni meet after 10 years? Gather information from piles of paper and books stocked in the dark data room to invite?

Oh forget about the Alumni meet, tell us how quickly you gather the data of current academic year?

Have management ever thought about the frustration of accountants? Struggle in fee collection process and dealing with the parents in the queue? Ever thought about how you can simplify teacher’s grade calculation process for every test and exams, so they spend more time on making their student’s smarter? If yes, you are on the right track. If not, high time to think of it.

Simplifying the entire management process is not simply an easier task. Yeah, definitely not easy, if the management sticks to the old and traditional paper methods and excel sheets. Don’t be surprised since I mentioned excel here.

Well yeah, imagine searching data over thousands of sheets you’ve maintained over years? For sure it’s a big waste of time when they’ve to spend time in making templates to store data, save, verify, make sure nobody modifies any content and there you have staffs taking leave, so who’ve handle this now? Biggest problem is when they resign. Forget the track man, Go home situation!

The reality is “Smarter Management Process is a part of Better Educational System” that saves and makes time to enhance everything around the stage.

The question is “How do we simplify Administration?”. We won’t just let you know the struggle but we would also like to enlighten the solution to the core problems in administration.

School Admin is administration software from the team of MarvelSoft that simplifies the administration and changes the management experience at school.

School Admin capabilities are so wide that would make you wonder how fee collections and progress report generations are the easiest of all. Its features are so rich that you can altogether feel the change in the process of every activity at school.

Stores every single detail you want to, right from the student info to the cultural events that you organize.

While retrieving data from SchoolAdmin w.r.t fee or grades or activities or transportation is easier for staffs we’ve also made it easier for teachers to communicate with parents so they keep updating their ward’s activity regularly.

We’ve well understood the management process at schools and the difficulties faced by the management. With all these in mind we’ve built School Admin that surely is a friend of you in Administration. It’s simple to handle and excellent to administrate.

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