As we all know “Money” is the mantra of any developing business. Where there is a sale, there is a bill.For the last decade there was only paper billing but today due to technological advancements and the increase of business billing software came into presence.

If you run a jewelry store, you have many things to focus. From choosing designs, controlling the Inventory, handling customers, managing vendors, deciding when to buy and launch new, Customer scheme and the list goes on. While you control the core functions, it is more important that you have best tools to automate your store and outsource non-core functions like accounting and taxes to other people who can manage it.

MarvelSoft JewelleryAdmin Software comes with scan based as well as keyboard based billing facility options. Just in a scan of barcode you can generate beautiful invoice and also comes with gold smith management facility to track the orders that are given to the gold smith. Old jewel exchange feature in our JeweleryAdmin Software gives you the flexibility to exchange any type of jewels including Gold, Silver, Stone and more.

Apart from these features, MarvelSoft JewelleryAdmin Software comes with features like scheme management, order management, stock management and many more.

 Next question is “how you make the payment??” Ever thought about how you can make the payment easily by adding the charges like making charges, wastage charges, stone charges, vat etc;. Our software makes your work a simple one.

Well, imagine searching a data in thousands of sheets you’ve maintained in ledger book over years? For sure it’s a big waste of time when they’ve to spend time in making templates to store data, save, verify and make sure nobody modifies any content.

Considering all these, we are here to provide the best solution for this scenario.

Scheme, one of the best methods to reach the customers. Many jewelry shop owners are facing the problem to maintain scheme details. Like, maintaining the customer records, no of installments paid, scheme amount management and many more. All these can be easily maintained in Inventory software.

MarvelSoft JewelleryAdmin Software gives the best solution for all these problems automatic amount calculation for the month, customer management, sending SMS to each customer like how much they paid, how much is pending, monthly wise reports everything in a simple clicks.

PawnBroking, this part requires a huge ledger work and adds more challenges to small concern. It involves clerical work as the need to maintain additional column in subsidiary book. There is a possibility of collision in records as the ledgers are used by many users. Also it’s difficult to find the backup once the original record is lost.

We the MarvelSoft overtook the challenges like interest calculation, maintaining ledger account, reports for the pledged articles and the difficulties faced by pawn broker to save the details of borrower. It’s safe forever.

Finally the best part of the software is its “Reports”; we all know major problem in business is to take daily reports, monthly reports, category wise reports, product type wise reports etc.

Our software makes it simple and flexible to generate all the reports in simple and good manner (in PDF and XLS formats).

Automatic data backup and multiple user login are the spectacular features, I would say. We care for your data and value your time.

A dedicated support team always works for the customers to resolve their queries in a required time and help to make our customer understand the correct procedure to work on software.

Marvel Soft understands the demands of all different users, so we decided to design JewelleryAdmin software which is capable of fulfilling the requirements of users. Jewelry Admin Software can be customized as per your business without any hassle. It’s simple to handle and excellent to manage.