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Rashid Mahabub Shojib

Vice Chancellor (vc)










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    We are an NGO working for empowering youth. we have more than 70+ centers across India. we approached MarvelSoft with our requirements. we can manage all our centers from our HO. They have a very strong support team and the product is really amazing.

    • Mr. Ramani
    • Founder & Trustee, Unnatiblr.org
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    MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin is customized for our Training center requirements. We have actually been able to automate a lot of tedious workload that weighted our office staff down before. The customer support is great.

    • Dr. Narendranath Reddy
    • Founder, www.brihaspathionline.com
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    CollegeAdmin has helped us completely automate our processes. Nowe we can manage our institution which has more than 2000+ students, seamlessly and generate various management and admin reports instantly. we see how beneficial it is to computerize and we see results. thanks to MarvelSoft team.

    • Mr. Chandrashekar
    • President, Amala College, Tamil Nadu
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    We were happy customers of SchoolAdmin for 4+ years. For our Jewellery Shop we needed a custom made software. We approached MarvelSoft, with in short time they delivered a fantastic software. Good Support.

    • Mr. Sambav
    • Founder, Maya School & Sheetal Jewellers
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    We have high regards for the SchoolAdmin software and implementation by MarvelSoft. We have complete history of our students from the begining. Without SchoolAdmin this wouldn't have been possible.

    • Wasim, Chairman
    • Shama Vidya Shalaa, Bengaluru