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MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin - Managing Users Roles & Rights for Management and Academic data

MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin - Simplified Users and Role Management

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  • Easy and Configurable User Management
  • Change User Roles and Responsibilities dynamically
  • Disable Users on the fly
  • Monitor and Control whats happening in MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin ERP

school software users roles and rights

The Administrative staff requiring access to MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin must obtain user name and password from the admin. Based on the role of the employee in the school administration such as clerk, cashier, accountant, admin, corresponding role will be assigned to the login id of the user.

Once the role of the staff member accessing the school software is defined, he or she will only have access to the modules for which the admin has assigned the role. Other modules will not be visible to the user.

Basically SchoolAdmin has different roles like Admin, cashier & teacher, Super User, Read only, Librarian, Book Issuer etc., Each role has different access, so only allocated module will be seen. Since administrator /principal have all the authorities, he/she can view, add or modify any module in entire application.When you log-in as administrator /principal, on right hand side following modules can be seen.Modules as follows:Admin Master-fee module, expense module & others.

Students Information-marks, attendance & others Masters Reports –fee report, students report, and other reports can be seen When you log-in as cashier, on right hand side following modules can be seen.Modules as follows:Admin Master- fee payment module.Reports –only report with respect to fee module will be visible.

marvelsoft school software user add, edit modify user roles

The image on the right side shows two users that has been created by the admin in SchoolAdmin. At any time admin can enable or disable user account. Also admin can change the rights or privileges of the users.