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Free Time Table Generation Software

FET Free Time Table Software

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

There is always an urge to give more to our customers in terms of Service and product features.  In School Admin our School administration software, we have restricted our selves to core features such as Student Information, Fee Payment, Attendance, Marks Card generation, TC and Pre-Admission etc., along with SMS and Contact less cards for Employee Attendance and Payroll, these modules uniquely address the needs of Indian Schools and collages.

At some point we thought of implementing  Time Table Generation Module in our School Software. when we looked into what it takes to implement, we realised time table generation in itself a product and it would take much more time and resources to implement than what we have taken to build our school admin software.

But for many of our customers Time Table generation is one of the key feature and they did not want to invest money again for buying Time Table software. Also, they did not want to have multiple vendors for school software.

It was very difficult situation, we want our customers to be happy and get what they needed at the same time we did not wanted to reinvent the wheel, which is a mammoth task.  Hence, we started looking out for what is freely available in the internet which would suffice the needs of very small and medium schools at the same time should help Big Schools and Universities with thousands of Students also to be able to use the time table generation from a free time table software.

With in short time we were able to get what we needed – FET.

FET is open source free software for automatically scheduling the timetable of a school, high-school or university. It uses a fast and efficient timetabling algorithm. It is licensed under GNU GPL. Download

Though it looks very complex from the fist try. If you spend some time understanding it’s concepts and read and follow some of the FET tutorials, you can generate a neat time table for your Students and also for the Teachers with in minutes of configuration (auto generation might take hours based on your schools constraints such as teachers availability, time gap etc).

Read about FET features at Read more.

FET Tutorial Link Documentation.

Though we do not implement Time Table Module in our SchoolAdmin product. We would help our customers by training them using FET to generate their time table when they buy our product and services.

In the near future we also have plans to import FET generated time tables into SchoolAdmin for our customers to get everything in one place. FET supports that.

Get in touch with us to See the demo of our product MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin.

As part of our product training we provide training for FET Time Table Generation too.

Happy Customers! Cheers!