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Parents, Students, Teachers Online - Internet module

MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin provides online modules such as students, teachers and parents.

Online parents module provides interface for the parents to register from the School's website. Once the data provided by them is verified by the school authrorities, paents can login to school's online portal.

The parents module provides advantages to the parents in following ways -

  1. Parents can check their childrens profile. update their profile information.
  2. They can see their childrens attendence details.
  3. parents can access children's progress report.
  4. They can see the childrens / students dairy.
  5. They will be able to provide feedback about the teachers and school facilities to the management directly.
  6. They can see the schools notice board and class notices.
  7. They can look at the home work given by the teachers
  8. Parents can access fee receipts, library book details, transporation details from online module.
  9. The can contact pricipal or chairman directly.
  10. they can download application forms and other forms directly from the school website.

The advantages of Teacher Module

  1. Teachers can remotely login to their classes.
  2. The can enter their class attendance details.
  3. They can enter progress report detalis from their login.
  4. They can see or provide feedback to the parents about their growth
  5. Teachers can print the progress report.