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MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin - Student Information module


MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin Student Module helps Schools to manage all the details associated with the student such has student admission details, student's academic details such as Attendance, Marks Grades, Fee's Details etc., It provides unified view of Students Academic and Financial information to the Class Teacher or the Principal to have clear understanding of the students progress in a given academic year.

  1. Student Module helps Class Teacher, Principal  to have a students progress or improvement discussion with the parent without involving too many people. He/She will be equipped with all the details about the student in a single windows for them to have a effective discussion with Parents.
  2. Transfer Certificate (TC) can be issued from the student module. The reports can be customized to meet each and every education boards TC format.
  3. Admission Details and Reports can be taken from the Student Module, which would help the school during admission process.
  4. Students ID card's can be generated from the the MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin. The School's can choose to print and issues the ID card from the software or they can get the Data from the MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin in an excel sheet and give it to the ID card vendor's to import the data in their software and to generate the ID Cards.
  5. Marks Card or Progress Report can be issued from the Student Module. The Marks card can be customizable as per School needs.
  6. Class wise consolidated Progress report can be generated from Student module.
  7. Students Caste Category / Religion report with student count grouped as boys and girls can be generated from the software, which the schools can submit to the Education Board.
  8. Number of Boys and Girls under each section and class for the entire School can be generated from Student Module.


marvelsoft school software - student module


MarvelSoft School Management System
School Information Management Simplified

Student Information for teachers, Parents, Principal, Admins, Cashier, Librarians at a click of a mouse button. No Manual Work. Complete ERP Software for your School.

MarvelSoft School Management Software Student Information System Benefits

  • Unified view of Student Admission register, progress report, attendance, paid fee details, previous school details and TC - transfer certificates details for principal, teachers etc., based on their roles and rights.
  • Access to students previous year fee, attendance details.
  • Details of transferred students, discontinued students, irregular students.
  • send SMS and Email to parents individually, class-wise or at a school level.
  • Create or Manage school activities
  • generate reports on student module such as fees, attendance, grades, student strength and count etc.,
  • automatically promote students to next year.
  • switch back and forth across academic years
  • generate admission card, id card, transfer certificates.
  • parents can access their children details online.
  • track students transport information, library book details.
  • send SMS to absent student parents.
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