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User Management and Security in MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin

Users Security and Rights

Administrator can configure access permission for all the users of the school software. He can choose which users have read permission, write permission and update permission. Also he/she can control the access to the modules based on the need.

Administrator can disable the user account at anytime, also he can change the user passwords and delete the user accounts when they leave the organization.

If users forget the password, then they have to contact the administrator to reset the password.

Administrator can disable the users temporarily or permanently.

Permissions Registered Users Unknown Users Administrator Parents

schooladmin users security

View Configurable Access Denied Full Access View only for their
children details
Read Configurable Access Denied Full Access

Read only for their
children details

Write Configurable Access Denied Full Access Write feedback
Print Configurable Access Denied Full Access Print receipts,
Progress Report etc,
Reports Configurable Access Denied Full Access Progress Reports


User Names and Passwords -

MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin provides efficient way to manage users and their login details. Every user who must view/edit/delete/update data into SchoolAdmin will be given a login user-name and password.

The user names and password will be associated with the teacher, student or admin information. users can have their own password which no one will be knowing. The password information will be encrypted and stored in the database and no one can know the password of another user.

If the system in which school software is accessed is left left unattended and logged in, the server will automatically logout the idle users after 3 minutes.

SchoolAdmin is a web based school management and administration software. You can use it in standalone mode on your Windows Desktop PC or Laptop. Or if your institution has a high speed and reliable internet SchoolAdmin can also be hosted in internet cloud.

In both the cases the user name and password helps protect unauthorized access to SchoolAdmin server. Only registered and Authorized School staff's such as teachers, principal, admins can access SchoolAdmin School Software by providing their username and password.

schooladmin school software - users and security

User Name & Password Guidelines

  • User name and password must not be same.

  • Password Length must be of minimum 8 characters with one capital letter and one number.

  • Never share your user name and password with anyone.

  • Once your complete your work always logout from the school software.
  • Don't save the password in the system in word document or excel or notepad files.