Our Cloud Clients


unnati greyunnati

Unnati - Unnati is a 50 day vocational training programme offered at a subsidised cost to the less educated, unemployed and economically backward youth with an assured job at the end of the training period. Unnati enables inclusive growth by empowering families below poverty line. Unnati team use our SchoolAdmin ERP Software as enrollment software for their Skill development program. Currently SchoolAdmin manages all their 30 centers across india to help them manage each centers activities, with Enrollments, OJT, Placements, Biometric Attendance Tracking, the system is being used for more than 2 years now.

the brigade schools greythe brigade schools

The Brigade Schools, Bangalore - All the three schools of brigade foundation is managed using MarvelSoft Campus ERP Solution. Each School works independently of each other and their day to day processes are captured. Admissions, Fees, SMS and Email Communication, Student Peformance analysis. More than 2500 students and 90 teachers, along with the management team get the reports what they need on daily basis. The Brigade Schools management can generate all the three school's MIS reports for their decision making. The system is live and funcational since 2014.

goon-university-grey goon-university

The Goon International College is the longest serving institution in Malaysia. Through the decades that followed, Goon was primarily responsible for forming and bringing in British alliances into the Malaysian Education Industry. Goon Administration and Management Team use MarvelSoft Campus ERP solution for Admissions, Fees Collection and Student Transcript generation. They have been using the system for more than a year now.


Brindavan Vidyalaya ICSE School - A School with European Style and Standards in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, with more than 3000 students, their day to day fees collection, sms communication happens through SchoolAdmin ERP Solution. They implemented the system in 2015. Now they will start using the system full time in academic year 2016.

shiksha grey shiksha

At Shiksha Sagar High School - A CBSE School, SchoolAdmin Private cloud solution is implemented, which enables Shiksha Sagar staff to send sms and email communication to parents. Send Assignment and home works to parents on their email and mobile phones. Parents can even login onine to check their ward's performance. They manage daily fees collection. They have been our valued customer since 2011. http://shikshasagar.schooladmin.co.in

akacce grey akacce

At AKACCE coaching center, the online private cloud solution plays major role in their day to day communication to the parents about the coaching classes schedule, student attendance.They communicate to parents using SMS messages and also parents can login to the parents portal. they have been our happy customer since 2012. They also manage fees collection in the software.

icube grey icube

ICube Education services, is our first customer who have our Multi Center management solution. They have more than 20 schools as their clients using their solution for Student training in academic activities. we have started implementation with them in August 2013.

maya grey maya

At Maya, Every year fees collection happens with SchoolAdmin ERP solution deployed in their local network. They are one of our fist customers to use Tablet based Attendance system in their school. more than 25 teachers take attendance every day morning and afternoon. which will be directly updated in the server and management can get daily student attedance report, monthly and yearly as well. they are our customer since 2010.

pgs grey pgs

At PGS - Parivarthan Gurukul Herritage, Borading and Day boarders school in Hubli, SchoolAdmin Premium ERP is their Virual Administrative office for the campus spanning about more than 3 aceres and schools in two different places. All the student's profile, id card generation, ICSE & State Board Progress report generation happens with the help of SchoolAdmin Private Cloud online ERP. they have more than 50 reports customized as per their institution needs. Parents can check their wards progress online through School portal at http://www.pgsinfo.com. PGS is one of our first customer to use our Android Based Mobile App for parents communication and feedback.