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School Software FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin ?

MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin is a complete School Administration and Management Software.

It helps Schools and Educational Institutions to manage their entire schools administrative data such as Fee Collection, Payments, Expenses, Payroll information in the software.

It also helps manage non-administrative information such as Student Information, Attendance, Promotions, Classes, Sections, Marks Cards and TC etc., in the Software.

2. Can we exactly replicate and manage our School’s administrative and academic processes which we currently follow in MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin?

The short answer to that is yes. however there might be cases where the current features in MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin have to be tweaked to match your School’s unique requirements, which is possible in our software. In some cases we might have to implement a new module to address your Schools needs, which would take additional cost and time, which we can discuss.

3. We have different format for our Schools various reports, in some of  MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin report we need change. is it supported?

Before we start the implementation of MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin for your School, we study your School’s existing processes, we discuss with your admin and administrative team to understand your existing processes and the data maintained in your accounting and administrative ledger books.

Then we will record list of reports that require modifications to support your School. Also we get list of new reports that has to be implemented.

The modifications in the existing reports upto 10 Reports is free and also 2 new reports are free. An additional reports would be implemented at an extra cost. Also price depends on the complexity of the Report.

4. Can we computerize all the processes of our School using MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin?

Your School Can automate below processes -

Admission Records, Fee Collection, Expenses, Payroll, generate monthly PF statements, Student promotions and Marks card generation, Pre-Admission etc.,

Any other modules you need, we can implement it in MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin.

5. Can MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin can be accessed from different Computers with in our School ?

Yes. You can install MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin in one Computer and access it from any computers in the School, provided the School has networking.

For example, if you are  not sure, if your School has internet connection in one computer and you are able to access the same internet connection from different computers in the School, then you can access MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin also without any effort.

6. Does MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin supports automatic Backup of School data ?

Yes. MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin installer automatically installs a backup utility which runs at a predetermined time and take the backup of School data periodically and writes that data to a backup folder or to an external disk.

7. How do you support us ?

we provide training when your school buys our SchoolAdmin product. we also provide user manual and video tutorials for the product.

For 1 year we give free support, you can call us or email us if you have any queries. If you need any help while working in schooladmin then our customer support engineer will remotely connect to your SchoolAdmin server and guide you through the process.

8. What are the hardware requirements of MarvelSoft SchoolAdmin ?

  • Pentium 4 or above processor >1.2GHz
  • Minimum 1GB  RAM
  • Minimum 2GB free disk space
  • Windows XP / above Operating System


  • The above mentioned configuration is only for the server system. All the client machines in the organization can be any PC with windows xp operating system.

9. What about Support and Warranty terms and conditions ?

Software Application is covered by our warranty for a period of 1 year from the date of completion of installation and training (2 days). Support through online and the organization must have internet facility if your school is located outside bangalore.

10. What about Software License ?

This software is licensed for a single system with multiple users. To qualify for additional licenses you must already have a current valid license for Marvelsoft SchoolAdmin. To install this software on more than one system for backup or for another branch of your School, you need to purchase additional licenses. Refer next section to know more about additional license fees.

11. How does MarvelSoft support our School after warranty period?

After warranty period we accept AMC at 25% of total cost of the software for maximum of 2 visits and if additional visits are required then we charge 1200 per visit.  Generally 90% of the issues can be resolved if any through Online support (Internet).  This license fee also includes online support charges. Online support per month not exceeding 4 support calls per month (unless there is a delay from our end).

During warranty / AMC periods, we also provide your School the benefits of upgrades in software and at attractive rates. AMC or Service does not include any customizations in the software. You need to give us the requirements and based on the effort estimates we will give you the quote for the customization, if both the parties agree then the customization will be done in the software.  During AMC period if you find any defects or problems in the software such issues will be resolved without any additional costs.

12. How does MarvelSoft ensures confidentiality of our data ?

We do not share the details of the Schools internal processes and information with any one. All the information that you share with us will be kept confidential under any circumstances.  We do not use or disclose information about your individual visits or information that you may give us such as your name, address, email address or telephone number, to any outside companies.

As part of our agreement we will sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.

13. Our School may need additional features in the future, what we should do ?

Our SchoolAdmin software is modular, meaning any new features and enhancements can be added as and when the customer needs it. For any of the new features that will be added in the SchoolAdmin software in future you can get the estimate of the price before you buy our SchoolAdmin license, for you to have an understanding of over all price of the product for your organization’s need.

Otherwise, you can buy the product now with the features that you need and at a later point when we come up with new features we contact all our existing customers and we communicate about the new features and enhancements. We give attractive discount for our existing customers on new features.

14. we want website for our School, does MarvelSoft provides web hosting and web design services?

Yes.  With MarvelSoft content management system you can manage, update, edit your School’s website on your own. we design the website and host it for you.

15. What are the payment terms and conditions ?

  • 50% with purchase order
  • 25% after installation and Implementation
  • 25% after training

16. we still have many unanswered question, what we should do?

contact us through email, phone we will answer your queries  or we can visit your School to clarify all your queries.