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    Web based ERP software designed for complete school and campus management

  • CollegeAdmin

    Web based college management software for Diploma, Degree, Engineering colleges and Universities

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    Advanced Library Management Software for Schools, Colleges, Companies and libraries

  • SMS & Email Communications

    Web based ERP solution designed for Parents, Students and staff communication with sms & email integration


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MarvelSoft LibraryAdmin  5.0.3

MarvelSoft LibraryAdmin 5.0.3 Express Edition is available freely.  click on download now link to download.

MarvelSoft Team

SchoolAdmin Community Edition 10.0

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Windows 7Windows XP

Once Setup is complete, goto program files - LibraryAdmin click on Run LibraryAdmin.

To directly access the software - Ope Mozilla Firefox 44 and type the below url to access the software

Login Url : http://localhost:8080/SchoolAdmin

User Name: admin

Password: admin

After every reboot of your computer or laptop , you must goto program files - LibraryAdmin - click on  Run LibraryAdmin.