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Want to generate Timetable for your School, College, Training Center or for Examination?

Use FET Free Timetabling Software.

FET is free timetabling software for schools, high-schools and universities. Scheduling is done automatically. 

FET Features:

1. Generate Timetable for any eductional institution.

2. No restriction on number of classes, subjects, students or teachers.

3. Specify Two or more teacher per subject.

4. Specify same teacher for multiple subjects.

5. Define the period order in a day. The subjects that must be scheduled during the early hours or in the last period or afternoon.

6. Define teachers availability, class room availability.

7. Define leasures, breaks and holidays.

8. Define number of periods in a day, week or month.

9. Define number of periods per teacher, per subject etc.,

10. Generate class timetable, school timetable, student timetable, teacher timetable.

11. Take timetable in html format, upload to your institution website.

12. Timetable in ready to print format. 

To start using FET timetable for your Institution, download the tutorial by providing your Institution Name, Email address and contact details now!